I have joined up with Judy Stokes APSNZ to form Wild Child Weekend Workshops.  We are two creative Auckland photographers keen to share our insights into creativity with photographers around New Zealand. 
We have both won awards for their images Nationally and Internationally and use a variety of techniques and approaches that they would be happy to show you to help you unleash your creative potential and set alight your passion for photography. We will help you to let your camera become just a tool to express yourself and capture the essence of the moments found before you.
Judy and I have exhibited together numerous times and are proud to have been selected for the 2020 Auckland Festival of Photography CORE exhibitions with “Unseen - Below the Surface”.  This exhibition included works by both of us as well as composite works where we both contributed images to one collaborative piece of work.
Find out more about us here:  Wild Child Workshops​​​​​​​

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